Jester’s big debut


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Lesson horse Jester stars in The Merchant. Jester and actor Jaysen Dry on the movie set.


Jester is a movie star! 

Anyone taking lessons with Cara Barker Yellott equestrian services, probably knows Jester (pictured here with actor Jaysen Dry).  He used to be just a plain old, hard-working, lesson horse, but now he can add movie star to his resume!  Jester recently wrapped up filming for a new Western Horror flick called The Merchant, due to be released next year.   What’s really amazing is the spin-off attention that he has been getting!  Jester first appeared in Country World magazine’s equine edition in a fantastic article written by Kari Kramer, and then he was on the Channel 3 Shreveport Evening News!

Check it out!  Here is his magazine article:

Here is a video of his evening news segment (They’ll probably make you watch a commercial first.  Sorry, I have no control over that!):

Can’t wait for the movie to come out to see the big star?  Well, our boy is in the official movie trailer too!  (Hey parents, this is a horror movie so I strongly recommend that you watch the trailer first and decide if it’s appropriate for your children or not.)

If you want to come on out to Hollywood errr… Hallsville and ride with a celebrity, give his trainer, Cara (yours truly), a call at (214)724-8527 or email her at

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